At Tagua Concept Nature, you’ll find a wide range of herbal, organic, ethical and vegan cosmetic products to take care of your body and soul while still respecting both nature and your health. The store also sells natural and handmade jewellery from Europe, watches or wooden and cork bags as well as other original accessories. Behind every product, there is a story will be glad to tell you.

At Tagua, we do the selection of our products with the will to support fair trade and respect the animal cause through short circuits and handmade products for a restricted environmental footprint.

From Equator to Luxembourg: at Tagua, we sell jewellery made from vegetable ivory which are created by ba a group of women from the Quechuas community in the Andes. Part of the benefits are used for the village children’s education. It’s those women’s work which gave Tagua its name: they use Tagua nuts to shape their creations.


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