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ARTICLE 1: Preamble
The registered editor, CONCORDE GESTION s.à.r.l., of 80, Route de Longwy L-8060 BERTRANGE, runs and manages the internet site ( to allow “Users” access to a variety of information relating to the traders and the products and services that they offer for sale - hereafter “Services” offered by the website;

It is the responsibility of the User to obtain, use and maintain the required hardware, software and other equipment as may be necessary for this access;

All costs (telecommunication, computing, or other...) necessary, whether directly or indirectly, for the use of the services of the website ( are the exclusive responsibility of the User;

The use of the website by the User constitutes the acceptance of and adherence to the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

ARTICLE 2: Technical information
The present site is accessible 24 hours per day 7 days a week, with the exception of cases of force majeure, computer problems, problems relating to the communication network infrastructure, or technical problems. The editor reserves the right to interrupt access to the website at all times for maintenance reasons.

The editor accepts no responsibility for any consequences arising from such action.

Similarly, the editor accepts no performance obligation as regards the items listed henceforth by way of example: time of access to the service, speed of download of data, delays resulting due the congestion of the internet or telephone networks, etc....

ARTICLE 3: Advertising
The Services provided by the website ( do not include any form of online sale of products and/or services whatsoever.

The Services provided by the website ( explicitly do not include any form of online payment system; no banking information will thus be solicited from the User through the site (

Consequently, the editor is not responsible if the User engages in online shopping or electronic banking activity via the website ( or if the User hands over any banking information via the website (

The editor accepts no responsibility for the content of external links.

The editor is in no way responsible for the content of other websites which the User can access via the present site.

The websites to which such links are made are not managed by the editor of the website (

The editor recommends links for reasons of facility of use and the insertion of the above-mentioned links does not imply any endorsement of the corresponding websites by the editor.

ARTICLE 4: User profile, password and data protection
In cases where access to a Service requires the creation of a user profile, the registration process must be performed through the provision of information that is up-to-date, accurate and provided in full on the registration form supplied.

In addition, a password and a user name must be chosen.

It is incumbent upon the User to guarantee confidentiality of his or her profile and password.

In addition, the User is deemed responsible for all activity carried out using his or her profile.

The User undertakes to inform the editor immediately of all unauthorised use of his or her profile or any other possible data protection violations.

The editor assumes no responsibility in the event of loss of user data resulting from the use of User’s profile or password by any other person than the User, independently of whether or not such a person is known to the User.

The User may be held responsible in all cases, for all losses incurred by the editor, or any other entity associated with the editor, resulting from the use of the User’s profile or password by any other person than the User.

ARTICLE 5: Security and Privacy on the network
The messages sent to the editor by the User through the internet may be intercepted on the network, and consequently, their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

It is incumbent upon the User not to divulge information of a private or confidential nature that is gratuitous, sensitive or has originated from a third party.

In addition, the apparent source of electronic messages received by the editor may have been forged.

Consequently, it is imperative that Users intending to communicate such information do so through the post.

As a consequence of the above, no complaint, notification or request for counsel sent by means of an internet message will be considered.

The User will be required to submit any such request by post.

The User must contact the editor in writing in order to obtain further instructions on the procedures that must be followed, or relating to any cases under investigation.

Connection to the website is at risk of intrusion by third party internet users on the system employed by the User on whom it is incumbent to take all appropriate measures necessary in order to protect his or her data and software against any such intrusion and against all contamination by viruses.

In no cases will the editor be held responsible for any damages whatsoever incurred upon the User’s data arising as a result of the User’s connection to the website.

ARTICLE 6: Use of information on the site and protection of copyright
The utilisation of any document originating in the website ( is permitted solely as information for private use.

Any such use as might be construed to be performed to any other end is hereby explicitly prohibited.

The editor will endeavour to take all possible measures at his or her disposal to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate and up to date while reserving the right to modify the content of the site at any time and without prior notice.

Further, the editor hereby informs the User that it is the responsibility of the User to verify the information by other means, including contacting the company concerned.

As a consequence, the editor accepts no responsibility: for any inaccuracy, inexactness, or omission in the information available on the website; for any damages resulting from the fraudulent intrusion of a third party leading to the modification of information provided on the website; and more generally, for all damages, direct or indirect, of whatsoever cause, origin, nature or consequence, resulting through access to the website by whomsoever, or by the impossibility of such access, as well as through use of the site and/or through reliance on whatsoever information originating directly or indirectly from the website.

Furthermore, unless otherwise stated, intellectual property rights to the documents contained on the website, and to each and every item created for the website, are the sole property of the editor or the editor’s suppliers, and the aforementioned do not grant any licence, nor any rights other than that of visiting the website.

The reproduction of any documents published on the website is authorised solely as information for personal and private use. All reproduction or use of copies obtained for any other purposes is hereby expressly prohibited.

All brands mentioned on the website are the property of their respective companies.

All products, logos, and images mentioned on the pages of this website are the property of their respective brands.

The photographs representing the products do not constitute any contractual obligation.

The editor is not responsible for the content or the accuracy of all or any part of the information published by the traders through the Service.

Consequently, the editor accepts no responsibility resulting from any direct or indirect consequence of any information published by the traders through the website (, as the said traders may be able to conceal therein false information relating to the rights of use of the brands concerned.

ARTICLE 7: Responsibility
The editor is the sole proprietor of the website and cannot be held responsible to the User or before any third party for the content, modification, suspension or interruption of the Service.

All correspondence, commercial relationships with the traders engaged in on the website, including payment and delivery of goods or services, or any other terms, conditions, guarantees or statements in relation to such operations, are carried out between the User and the trader.

Consequently, the User accepts that the editor cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from such a relationship.

The Service may provide, or third parties may include, links to other websites or other internet resources.

Inasmuch as the editor is unable to control the said sites and the said external resources, the User accepts that the editor cannot be held responsible for the provision of these sites or external resources, nor accept any responsibility as regards the content, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or through these sites or external resources.

In addition, the User accepts that the editor cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages, alleged or actual, resulting from or relating to the use of, or through the fact of having trusted the content, goods or services available on, the said sites or external resources.

ARTICLE 8: Applicable law
The provisions of the present general terms and conditions of use are governed solely by the law of the Luxembourg, interpreted in light of established practice on the internet.

ARTICLE 9: Dispute resolution
All disputes will be brought solely before the Courts and Tribunals of, and based in, the Luxembourg.