Gifts for all special occasions

I want to create a gift list!

Are you about to celebrate an important event? Congratulations!

Setting up a gift list at City Concorde Lifestyle Center allows you to put together a very personal collection of items from amongst a truly unique range.

A universe made up of a whole host of items offer an enormous choice. Whether you are an IT enthusiast, an avid reader, a dedicated follower of fashion, or a globetrotter, the breadth of options to choose from is, without a doubt, extensive.

In total, over twenty stores are at your disposal. Births, weddings, communions, birthdays, silver or golden wedding anniversaries, housewarmings, festivities... there are a thousand and one occasions to make a gift list.

Step 1:

To set up a gift list,visit a participating store (c.f. list below). You will be given a card with which you can start creating your list straight away.

Step 2:

Wonder at will amongst participating stores to choose your gifts; if you happen to choose a more expensive present, it does not matter, as you can split up the cost of purchasing, it into several parts. Besides showing you a fabulous range of options, the staff at participating stores will be happy to guide you around and help you with your gift choices, so that every step will be an enjoyable one.

Step 3:

Let your family and friends know you have set up a list. The list-holder section of our website allows you to look up the status of your list. You can also check which items have been reserved, or bought. The management of City Concorde is ready to give you any information about your list, either by phone on 44 93 99 -1 (office hours) or by e-mail.

Step 4:

To put cherries on the cake, City Concorde Lifestyle Center will give you a refund of 3 to 10 % of the total of the itemspurchased, depending on the respective refunds awarded by the different stores. This refund, in the form of City Concorde gift vouchers, is valid in all the shops and restaurants of City Concorde.

I want to buy someone a present!

Would you like to give someone a present, to make someone you care about happy?

You have several options:

  1. Online, through the gift-buyer access section. The person's name or the reference number allows you to look up the list that you are interested in. Available items are displayed, with their prices. Some stores accept online purchases. For others, you can reserve the item(s) that you would like to buy as gifts by phone and after pay for them in-store.

  2. Do you prefer to visit the participating store(s) directly in order to make your choice? Every participating store is able to show you the status of the list and to help you with your choice.

Participating Stores:


Footwear & Leather


  • Cora 45 02 24 Ground Floor 0 (uniquement chèques-cadeaux Cora)

Home & furnishing

Bookshop - Toys

Sports & leisure

Lingerie & Fashion