In this space, 200 sqm. are entirely devoted to organic products, with over 1,000 items. You will find fruit and vegetables, a cheese counter, sweet and savoury groceries, biscuits, coffee and tea. Several brands of cleaning products and cosmetics are also available. Cora also offers various organic breads which have been kneaded, shaped and cooked on-site and made from organic, white and special flours.

You will also find:

Over 500 gluten-free products available to meet dietary restrictions with a wide selection containing high-quality ingredients.

Over 300 alternatives to traditional dairy products, including butter, fresh cream, and our wide range of vegetable-based drinks.

Tofu, seitan, cold cuts, vegan dishes, and more. We offer vegan customers a full range of alternatives to animal protein products.

It is easy to forget that good health sometimes simply requires finding a proper nutritional balance. For this reason, Cora has developed a full range of diet & dietary products that naturally meet your body’s needs. A range of varied and balanced products for your well-being.