Car Spa was born out of a passion for cars to look their best and the desire to deliver the best deep clean and smart surface/paint protection and is a premium, eco-friendly car cleaning company located in the “Vendôme” car park on level -1, at the rear of the City Concorde.
The cora customer service desk is available for all repairs to household appliances, TV sets, multimedia devices, and smartphones, whether they were purchased from cora or elsewhere.
Imo Car Wash, the latest technics are used to provide you the best washing while respecting the environment: scratch-foam brushes like 'American system', water treatment system by Ozone, biodegradable shampoo, wash program 'summer wash' with wax-shining 'nano technology' and anti-UV protection, recycling wastewater, water consumption reduced by 80% and broad chains for sports cars and 4x4. is an on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning service where the customers can place their orders online while on the go and have their clothes picked up and delivered to their door. They also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to laundry and dry-cleaning, by aiming at lowering their environmental footprint by reducing the use of chemical products to a minimum and by working with a reusable-packaging solution.
At Mister Minit, we are committed to offer a quality service and specific solutions for your daily needs. Here you're at the right place for : shoe repair, key duplication, engraved plates, print and stamps, a new battery or bracelet for your watch, smartphone repair, etc.
Photo.Nett offers the following services: developing chemical process of all films, digital prints and reproductions, biometric passport photos, ID and visa for all countries, photographer for communion, wedding, portrait, reportage and event, and much more.
POST Luxembourg welcomes you from Monday to Saturday and offers its telecom, mail and finance services.
Press & Books offers a large selection of books and press titles in many languages (German, French, English, Luxemburgish and Portuguese), but also drinks, snacks, tobacco, stationery, phone accessories, lottery products, souvenirs, phone top-up cards as well as iTunes gift cards.
The Q8 gas station is open from 7:00 until 20:15.
In addition to its regular services designed to meet your everyday banking needs, the Bertrange/Concorde Branch of Spuerkeess also offers investment and housing advice. The two S-BANK automatic teller machines at the entrance of the branch allow you furthermore to access your accounts throughout the opening hours of the City Concorde. A safe-deposit box and a cash exchange machine complete the offer on site. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00, without interruption.