If you are looking for the best coffee, new types of tea, advice, or a gift for yourself or someone special, come and see us.

In our “L’Instant Café” store, you will find:

  • A wide selection of pure Arabica coffees, gourmet blends or exceptional coffees of pure origin (Moka, Colombia, Jamaica, Blue Mountain, Mexico Organic, Peru Organic, etc.) freshly roasted and ground on request.
  • A very wide range of close to 100 reference types of teas from the most famous gardens in China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan.
  • A varied offer of chocolates made up of tasty fillings and unctuous praline chocolate.
  • Our delicious gourmet baskets are the ideal gift for yourself or someone special.
  • We also offer items specific to our various activities, classic and special teapots, Italian coffee makers, French presses and original tea and coffee sets.

L’Instant Café stands for carefully-selected products, high quality, the art of composition, the best that we have to offer, for your enjoyment.


  • Hediard


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