Are you passionate about chocolates, exquisite pastries and gourmet catering?

Discover a one of a kind luxembourgish upscale pastry and catering provider.

Being craftsman and poet at the same time, the Oberweis family aims for excellence and originality in order to create unique and thus unforgettable experiences for its discerning clientele.

Welcome to the authentic and delicious world of the Maison Oberweis.

Maison Oberweis

All our products have a story to tell : the one of the Maison Oberweis.

Oberweis is a luxembourgish family enterprise reflecting the image of its country: authenticity. It is a firm renown for combining french creativity and gastronomic know-how with german perfection and attention to detail.

Our history is that of a family tradition made of sweet and savoury pleasures which evolve with the seasons. By using only high quality ingredients, unique flavors are created by our passionate and creative chefs.

In addition, we are a recognized supplier of the Grand-Ducal Court and the most demanding palaces and invite our clients to indulge in culinary pleasures enriching life.

Our creations tell a story in which pleasure and excellence go hand in hand since the foundation of the Maison Oberweis in 1964. A story, which is still to be finished with the help of gourmets constantly in the pursuit of new culinary experiences.

Kitchen Opening Hours
Monday 11h30-14h30
Tuesday 11h30-14h30
Wednesday 11h30-14h30
Thursday 11h30-14h30
Friday 11h30-14h30
Saturday 11h30-15h00


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