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*New location* Apothecary now welcomes you on the ground floor next to the Vendôme entrance. Come to the Apothecary Cold Pressed Juicery and discover a whole new concept in Luxembourg. At Apothecary, you’ll be able to enjoy refreshing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices to preserve all the nutrients and flavors. Eager to offer its customers the very best, Apothecary places special importance on the quality of its products. All the used foods are: fresh, organic, in most cases local or even regional The drinks are also guaranteed without additives or preservatives. Each season, you will find à la carte drinks limited edition, featuring the ingredients of the moment. The recipes are developed exclusively by the creators of the brand according to their inspirations, their travels and their research. Pressed on demand right in front of you at the City Concorde, the juices are to be consumed on site, in an atmosphere that gives pride to nature, well-being and relaxation, or to take away from the shelf. In addition, Apothecary will also serve exclusively Kombucha from London based company “Boo-Chi”, you’ll be able to enjoy three different flavors. Apothecary will also deliver your juices to your workplace through online order on their website.
In this space, 200 sqm. are entirely devoted to organic products, with over 1,000 items. You will find fruit and vegetables, a cheese counter, sweet and savoury groceries, biscuits, coffee and tea. Several brands of cleaning products and cosmetics are also available. Cora also offers various organic breads which have been kneaded, shaped and cooked on-site and made from organic, white and special flours. You will also find: Over 500 gluten-free products available to meet dietary restrictions with a wide selection containing high-quality ingredients. Over 300 alternatives to traditional dairy products, including butter, fresh cream, and our wide range of vegetable-based drinks. Tofu, seitan, cold cuts, vegan dishes, and more. We offer vegan customers a full range of alternatives to animal protein products. It is easy to forget that good health sometimes simply requires finding a proper nutritional balance. For this reason, Cora has developed a full range of diet & dietary products that naturally meet your body’s needs. A range of varied and balanced products for your well-being.
Your cora concorde hypermarket offers a very wide range of food and non-food products in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Let yourself be enchanted by the region’s largest covered market: fruit and vegetables, butcher’s, baker’s, fishmonger, cold meats and traditional cheeses booth. 200 sqm. are devoted entirely to organic products with over 1,000 reference products. You will find fruit and vegetables, a cheese counter, sweet and savoury groceries, biscuits, coffee and tea. Several brands of cleaning products and cosmetics are also available. Cora also offers various organic breads which have been kneaded, shaped and cooked on-site and made from organic, white and special flours. Enjoy our exceptional wine cellar offering a wide selection of wines from France and Luxembourg, as well as many wines from abroad (America, Australia, Europe, etc.) and a special area dedicated to the great wines of Bordeaux (Margaux, Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Saint Estèphe, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol), the Rhone Valley (Côte-Rotie, Châteauneuf du Pape, Hermitage) and Burgundy, to name a few. Our store also carries 200 brands of branded Champagnes, over 500 brands of beer, and over 250 brands of whisky. Cora concorde also stands for a wide selection of non-food products, with the Belle et Zen space: beauty and parapharmaceutical products. Finally, if you are looking for something to eat, the CROQ’gourmand at the entrance to the store offers breakfast menus and many products for your lunch break: sandwiches, Mettwurst, salads, drinks, fresh fruit juice and smoothies, while Sushi Time offers sushi freshly-made every day to take out or eat in our eating area.   Your cora’s opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm Friday 8am to 9pm Saturday 8am to 8pm
Retrouvez sur 90 m2, une oasis de produits quotidiens, vous offrant la possibilité de choisir vous-même les quantités selon vos vrais besoins et sans emballage superflu. day by day, enseigne française de magasins de proximité créée en 2013 à Meudon, près de Paris. Avec 74 magasins à son actif, en Belgique et en France, day by day est le premier concept d’épicerie « achats en vrac » à proposer des produits de consommation quotidienne, vendus en quantités à la demande et sans emballage imposé. L’hypermarché CORA au centre commercial City Concorde constitue sa première adresse au Luxembourg. 4 piliers essentiels portent ce concept de consommation novateur, à savoir la lutte contre le gaspillage, la traçabilité des produits, le conseil d’expert et le juste prix. En effet, day by day incite à n’acheter que les quantités dont on a vraiment besoin et non pas des quantités imposées par des packagings de plus en plus standard dans la plupart des cas. La traçabilité des produits joue, elle aussi, un rôle essentiel ; tous les fournisseurs sont connus pour la qualité de leurs produits et l’expertise de leurs équipes. Le conseil d’expert ensuite, pour que vous n’achetiez que des produits dans lesquels vous avez confiance et qui répondent à des critères sanitaires et de durabilité. Et en dernier lieu le juste prix, car vous n’achetez que ce qui est 100% utile et sans les coûts d’emballage et de recyclage. Pâtes, riz, légumes secs, fruits secs, confiserie, épices, céréales, biscuits, thé, café, droguerie, hygiène… les magasins day by day proposent dans un espace aménagé aux couleurs vives et accueillantes et à la manière d’un marché local, l’essentiel des produits de la vie courante. 750 références en tout pour faire ses courses en vrac et lutter ainsi contre le gaspillage, véritable fléau de notre temps. CORA et day by day participent ainsi activement et à leur manière, à la réduction des déchets ménagers en limitant le conditionnement à sa juste fonction, à savoir zéro emballage jetable. Dans cette optique, CORA et day by day encouragent fortement leurs clients à apporter leurs propres contenants ou à utiliser les contenants mis gracieusement à leur disposition. Les deux partenaires ont réussi dans le cadre de cette collaboration à unir le plaisir d’achat, la qualité et l’éco-responsabilité. Allez-y, vous verrez, ça change !
On October 1st, our new pop-up store opened at City Concorde where we'll be happy to welcome you. There, you'll find your favourite coffee, sweet snacks, coffee machines and accessories. YOu can also drop off your recycling bags.
*Find your shop Wajos on the first floor* Our products, for everyday kitchen use, stand out because of their natural ingredients, individuality and, most of all, their quick and easy preparation. No matter the amount of people, if you’re after fine cuisine or a home cooked meal, our products will make a difference in your dishes in no time. Variety of products Inspired from far away lands, influences from South Africa, Brazil, the Mediterranean and the Americas, are the foundation of the great variety of our products and flavours. Be it new ingredients, current trends or unfamiliar fruit varieties we are always driven towards new creations connecting expertise and dedication. Collaboration Day after day, together with our employees, we are dedicated to a healthy and tasty diet. We do everything in our hands to provide a positive and familiar work environment where everyone can work autonomously and responsibly, executing their own ideas. We collaborate with trust and over a long period of time with our clients and suppliers in order to create a strong bond shaped by honesty, mutual appreciation and commitment. Quality Raw materials of quality and carefully chosen ingredients are at the core of our products and guarantee an authentic and savoury experience. Strict requirements guiding the purchase, transformation and packaging ensure an ideal quality – tastings and checks make sure that all criteria are met. We don’t use any flavour enhancers or preservatives because all taste starts with good ingredients. Follow us on a culinary journey in a world full of tasting experiences.