Come to the Apothecary and enjoy refreshing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices to preserve all the nutrients and flavors. All the used foods are fresh, organic, in most cases local or even regional. The drinks are also guaranteed without additives or preservatives. Each season, you will find à la carte drinks limited edition, featuring the ingredients of the moment. The recipes are developed exclusively by the creators of the brand according to their inspirations, their travels and their research.
In the cora bio & bien-être space, 200 sqm. are entirely devoted to organic products, with over 1,000 items. You will find fruit and vegetables, a cheese counter, sweet and savoury groceries, biscuits, coffee and tea. Several brands of cleaning products and cosmetics are also available. Cora also offers various organic breads which have been kneaded, shaped and cooked on-site and made from organic, white and special floursa nd gluten free or vegan products.
Retrouvez sur 90 m2, une oasis de produits quotidiens, vous offrant la possibilité de choisir vous-même les quantités selon vos vrais besoins et sans emballage superflu. day by day est une enseigne française  créée en 2013 et propose des produits de consommation quotidienne (pâtes, riz, légumes secs, fruits secs, confiserie, épices, céréales, biscuits, thé, café, droguerie, hygiène,… ), vendus en quantités à la demande et sans emballage imposé. L’hypermarché CORA au centre commercial City Concorde constitue sa première adresse au Luxembourg. 4 piliers essentiels portent ce concept de consommation novateur, à savoir la lutte contre le gaspillage, la traçabilité des produits, le conseil d’expert et le juste prix.
Your cora concorde hypermarket offers a very wide range of food and non-food products in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Let yourself be enchanted by the region’s largest covered market: fruit and vegetables, butcher’s, baker’s, fishmonger, cold meats and traditional cheeses booth. Opening hours Monday-Thursday 8:00-20:00 Friday 8:00-21:00 Saturday 8:00-20:00  
If you are looking for the best coffee, new types of tea, advice, or a gift for yourself or someone special, come at L’Instant Café.
The Nespresso pop-up store at City Concorde is  happy to welcome you. There, you'll find your favourite coffee, sweet snacks, coffee machines and accessories. You can also drop off your recycling bags.  
À l’origine de Palais des Thés, il y a la vocation d'un homme, François- Xavier Delmas. Son vœu le plus cher : faire découvrir au plus grand nombre les meilleurs thés. Depuis 1986, avec son équipe, il parcourt le monde à la recherche des meilleurs crus, à la découverte de nouveaux thés aux saveurs rares et délicates. Et parce que le thé est aussi une inépuisable source d’inspiration, Mathias Minet créé les thés parfumés et les infusions de Palais des Thés, aux notes subtiles et source d’émotions olfactives et gustatives.
Located on the first floor, Wajos' products are for everyday kitchen use and stand out because of their natural ingredients, individuality and, most of all, their quick and easy preparation. Raw materials of quality and carefully chosen ingredients are at the core of their products and guarantee an authentic and savoury experience.